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Tue, Mar 05, 2019
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On behalf of the Tradenity’s backend team I am thrilled to announce the shipping of the Tradenity V1 backend. With this release we are removing the “beta” label and declaring Tradenity as production ready.

What is Tradenity

Tradenity is next generation eCommerce platform. A headless eCommerce backend that implement all the required features for a modern eCommerce solution. Exposing these functionality to developers via a simple yet powerful API. Tradenity taked eCommerce complexity out of the equation and let developers focus on innovating in their applications.

What does “Out of beta” mean for you?

It means a great product just become better! Now Tradenity is production ready, which means you can confidently build and deploy production grade applications on our platform. For the last 2 years we were continuously improving the platform in every possible way, new features were continuously added and gradually refined to make Tradenity the best eCommerce platform available.

We were aggressively testing each and every little bit of functionality to provide you with a rock solid eCommerce platform. We know that you count on Tradenity for your business, and we are committed to be part of your success.

What did we accomplish during the beta period?

  • Implement the Tradenity V1 API: Tradenity is a new eCommerce platform, iw was designed from the ground up to meet future challenges in the eCommerce world. Tradenity was developed in “API first” approach where we research and collect feedback about the required eCommerce features, then we design the corresponding API to be versatile yet powerful and easy to use. Then we implement

  • Testing in real world scenarios: We never work in isolation from the real world, on the contrary we started Tradenity to meet the rising challenges of eCommerce development. We worked closely with software houses and consultants so every bit of development was driven by real customers need to make sure that Tradenity meet the requirements of real world scenarios.

  • Stability and bug fixes: Good software is useless if it is not stable! We understand that your business relies on our platform, so we are working hard to make it at the highest quality possible. We are continuously testing the platform both with a very capable automated test suite and with a set of real world applications. But no software is perfect, every software team expect bugs in their system and we are no exception. While we believe that the current system is very stable, we encourage you to contact us for anomaly.

What is the next step?

You tell us! seriously! We are listening to yur advice and suggestions. Tradenity’s development is driven by our customers needs, we listen carefully, analyze every case, and if we find a common pattern or need, immediatley we research the best way to tackle it and provide you the developer with the best easy solution to it.

We are committed to continuously improve the platform. both through bug fixes and adding new features. This release is not the end, it is just the begining o

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