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Sun, Sep 11, 2016
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We are thrilled to announce that Tradenity “The eCommerce REST API” just launched in public BETA. After months of countless hours of continous work, finally we are releasing our product for public use.

Tradenity is an eCommerce API, It is a new step forward in eCommerce site building. It is designed and implemented to make building a modern, scalable and secure eCommerce sites an easy task.

Currently Tradenity is in Public BETA, means that anyone can create account and immediately start develop against our API. The BETA label means that it is not yet recommended to deploy application that uses our API in production. While we conducted extensive testing on all modules of the product, we still need sometime to validate its production use. We are looking forward to hear from you, the public beta period is an excellent opportunity for you to shape the product to your needs, we are listening to all your suggestions and seriously considering your feedback as we want to bring you the most useful ecommerce platform.

Thanks for your interest, we can’t wait to see awesome products you build with Tradenity API.