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Fri, Mar 08, 2019
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CameraStore is an open source feature rich eCommerce application that implements all the essential functionality of a modern eCommerce application.

It uses Tradenity eCommerce API as the backend to do the heavy lifting of the ecommerce functionality, that means that it implements only the UI/UX, ie. the front end. The backend code is a thin wrapper around the language specific Tradenity eCommerce SDK.

Originally it was built to serves as demonstration platform for the capabilities of Tradenity eCommerce headless platform, it was designed as a tutorial on how to make calls and interact with Tradenity ecommerce API. In that sense the code was written with “Simplicity over performance” to let novice programmers understand and customize it.

But when we say “Sample application” we do not just mean “sample code” but also “Sample data”. We put together data for an imaginary Photography shop so when you run the application you can have a full experience of a real world modern eCommerce store.

CameraStore implements the following ecommerce store functionality:

  • Product browsing
  • Search by product name
  • Filter products by “Category” and “Brands”
  • Group unrelated products into “Collections”
  • Manage shopping cart: Add, remove and update items
  • Shipping method management
  • Checkout workflow
  • Order placement
  • Customer and session Management

Please note that Tradenity eCommerce platform implement much more than these set of functionality, but we chose to use only those to keep the code base easy to understand and simple to customize.

Can I see a live demo?

Sure, you can see and interact with a running instance here.

Which programming languages and/or framework it is implemented in?

This is really the best part, CameraStore is not implemented in a single language or framework, CameraStore has EIGHT implementations, Yes you read it right Eight implementations.

We implemented the same functionality 8 times for the following language / framework combinations:

Is there any tutorial or guide for that code

For each implementation we provide a detailed explanation of the code in the form of step by step tutorial. You can find then here:

Can I use this code for my own applications

Absolutely, as mentioned in the beginning of this article “CameraStore” is open source, released under the very permissive Apache Software License V2, so you can copy the code into your applications

How can I get started?

  • Join Tradenity, It is FREE
  • Create Sample store and load sample data
  • Download or clone the appropriate implementation