Frequently asked questions

What is Tradenity?
Tradenity is a REST API for building e-commerce mobile applications and websites. Tradenity implements the basic blocks for e-commerce such as inventory management, payment processing, reporting, and statistics, and expose theses features as a REST API.
Why should I consider using Tradenity?
Tradenity implements all the required e-commerce features , it run on a secure, scalable and highly available infrastructure. As a developer, you will benefit from a ready to go e-commerce, without warring about any maintenance or scalability issues as the system handles these aspects for you.
How Do I Get Started with Tradenity?
Signup now (It's free), download your favorite programming language SDKs, browse our code examples and read our detailed tutorials and guides, then read the full documentation, if you faced any issues, our support team is available for your help.
How Do I Get Support From Tradenity?
Our support team will be happy to resolve any issues, our support desk is available here, Please consider visiting our page, and our knowlage base articles as you most likely find a clue there.
Can I use Tradenity for production sites?
Currently, Tradenity is in public BETA, which means it is not recommended for use in production. While we think the code base is very stable, and many sites has been built and tested using Tradenity API, We think we need more time to test it in real world scenarios. We encourage you to get started now build your next e-commerce application with Tradenity as we will shortly be out of beta.
When should I pay? Is there a free tier?
Developing with the tradenity apis will be always free.
accessing and using Tradenity APIs will be free during development, and even when using it in production we offer a free tier that can run a small store.
How much does it cost?
Currently Tradenity is in public beta, we do not charge during the beta testing period. Upon switching the label to production, Tradenity will use the "Pay As You Go" model where you pay only for what you use. Tradenity api access is completely free of charge while in beta.
Which payment gateways you support?
Currently we integrate with Stripe payment gateway.
While we are working on integrating other gateways, We consider Stripe to be the best platform available today, we think it shares with us the same philosophy as a simple scalable API for developers.
Should I implement the Payment API myself?
You do not, Tradenity provide complete integration with the gateway.
you must provide us with a valid Stripe key. That's said, Tradenity tries to be unobtrusive as possible, so if you want to implement custom functionality using the stripe API directly, definitely you can
Do you require a separate gateway key?
While it is not a requirement as our system will work with any valid Stripe key, it is recommended to create a separate key for use with Tradenity, this is to enable you to track our use of your stripe key.