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Fri, Mar 01, 2019
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We are thrilled to announce “General Availability” of Version 1.0 of the Tradenity eCommerce API. After 2 years in development and more than 8 month in beta, today we declare that the API has reached V1.0 GA state.

What is Tradenity

Tradenity is next generation eCommerce platform. A headless eCommerce backend that implement all the required features for a modern eCommerce solution. Exposing these functionality to developers via a simple yet powerful API. Tradenity taked eCommerce complexity out of the equation and let developers focus on innovating in their applications.

What does “V1 general availability” means?

When we declare the Release of V1 GA (General Availability), we mainly mean two things:

  • Feature Freeze: We finalized and reviewed all the features that was planned for inclusion in this release. No Major features will be added to this release anymore. We will make tweaks and refinements as needed but the addition of new features will be now shifted to V2 branch.

  • Stable API: The API itself is now stable, That means no breaking changes will ever be made to te resources data or to the data format, any change we made in V1.0 is guaranteed to be backward compatible.

What’s new in V1 compared to the retired V0.8?

  • New data protocol:
    • Everything is JSON: Inbound data and outbound data are in the JSON format
    • Posted data are in the body, no more form-encoded data
    • Returned objects has new meta sub-object which contains information about that object
  • Search capability in the API: Now we define a new way to embed complex search queries in the URL in any GET request. No new methods or specific operation are added, we utilize the already well established List All operation by adding search filters as URL parameters.

  • Numerous new resources: In the journey to 1.0 release, we introduced several new features and refactored existing ones. these changes are reflected as numerous new resources. While this may seems like adding complexity it is not, we simplified the API making every resource self explanatory, so it is easier than ever to understand what those resources are for and how to utilize them

  • New checkout workflow: Checkout is the most critical process in any eCommerce system, it can make or break any eCommerce site. so we redesigned the checkout related resources to be more flexible, giving the developer the tools required to implement whatever checkout workflow they need

What happened to V0.8?

Version 0.8 never declared as production ready, we always put the “beta” label on it. Eight months ago we announced that its “EOL” (end of life date) will be the same day ad V1 GA day. and since V1.0 is now released for six months now, and today it reached the “GA” state, So today is the day. We pulled the plug out of V0.8, Yes it is no longer accessible.

What’s next?

  • SDKs updates: While we put a huge effort to make utilizing Tradenity API easy and simple, we recognize the developer’s need for language specific software development kits (SDKs) from day one, and for long time now we ‘ve released several SDKs for popular programming languages and platforms. Our language integration team is working on updating these SDKs to reflect the changes in the API V1 release, we will release these changes in the upcoming few days, so please stay tuned

  • We are continuously improving: V1 is just the beginning and we are committed to our mission to make Tradenity the “Internet’s eCommerce Platform”, We will keep making refinements and tuning to V1, and in parallel we are preparing V2 which will contain a number of major updates to the API. We are relying on your feedback to know where to improve, so please do not hesitate to contact us, we are listening.

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